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Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday small haul!

First off- THANK YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH for helping me reach my short term goal of 300 followers! YOU GUYS ROCK! Thanks to everyone who reposted onto their own blogs, give me a few days to catch up with all my comments and I will make sure to follow each and everyone of you because you are all so talented! Next goal, 400! hehehe =) Maybe I'll make an awesome giveaway a tradition per 100 followers... ;)

**I forgot to mention this earlier but it's NOT too late to enter the giveaway! I'm leaving it open until Sunday night (11pm Central time) and choosing a winner on Monday.**

So, originally I was going to skip Black Friday because my DH works retail so he would be at work all day anyways and I don't know about you, but lugging around 3 kids under the age of 6 is NO FUN! At least, not until they are big enough to hold my bags! LOL... But luckily, my dad (who lives with us) came home early from work and watched my two boys while I took Ms. Julianne shopping and let me tell you, the girl LOVES to shop! Obviously, the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree! :) We went to Walmart where they still had a bunch of the "limited edition" carts, they were marked at $25 but I still managed to get Twinkle Toes at $20! Yay! Then we headed off to Michaels where they had all the Gypsy accesories 50% off and OF COURSE I couldn't pass up the pink Gypsy cover! I'm SOOOO excited I got this because I have been wanting it ever since I got my gypsy over a year ago but I just couldn't get myself to spend $25 on it! So $12.49, I could manage! Also- the Recollection stickers and embellishments were 50% off, so I got these two strips as well :)

*The SpongeBob cartridge came for me in the mail today which is why I'm including it! :)*

Hope you all had a great Black Friday! I'd love to hear what deals you all couldn't pass up! I'm a little jealous of those who got colored Expressions! :)


  1. Glad you got to go out! I was not going to either but then ended up going out with my boys (they held my bags happily after a needed trip by them to Hollister and Best Buy!) I was so surprised to find so much still at my walmart at 2:30pm! I ended up with the new Christmas Lite, the pet one and the Religious one! For $20 each... not bad! I did not get the Twinkle Toes one... no girls at my house but me and the dog... so I had to make choices and the pet one beat out... One of the dogs looks like mine! Crazy! I still wish the old lites were on sale too! I wanted a couple of the font ones! No new Cricut for me... cannot justify it when mine works just fine. I really want the playtime cart that is only in the box with the colorful new cricut expressions! I am sure you would love playtime too! Again Alma I just have to tell you how creative and fun I do think your blog is... someday... I will figure mine out! Thanks for letting me ramble on about my shopping! I have a pretty pink sleave for my gypsy too! bought a couple of weeks ago cheap too! Us cheap girls need to stick together! Have a great weekend!

  2. I too ventured out to Wal-mart for the new lite cartridges. I picked up the new Christmas cartridge. Our store was crazy and the women stripped the 2 cricut displays bare in a matter of minutes. I grabbed mine and got out of the chaos. I can't wait to browse through your projects. I am a new follower.

    bhoward at kci dot net

  3. I didnt get any in the store...they were already gone but I was lucky and came back home early enough to score two online!

  4. I am glad you got one of your wishes today, I got one of mine too.. I got my Martha Stewart score board 50% off as well. I think my biggest prize today was that I was entered into a drawing for a Cartridge and I chose Sesame Street, my grandson is 10 months old and he loves Sesame Street, we are gonna have fun...
    I will gladly follow you.. pennykitz@charter.net

  5. Hi there,
    I just became a follower b/c it looks like we have a Lot in common! I LOVE pink, purses, bling, and cupcakes!!! I didn't get any of the lites. :( So bummed, they were all sold out online and I have fibromyalgia and have had a wreck of a week so wasn't able to get out of bed and go. :( I would have loved the pink gypsy cover too! Congrats on scoring that! Check out my blog if you get a chance.
    XO ~ Amy Jo

  6. I went to Walmart but after waiting in line for 2 hrs I gave up and headed to Michaels and bought some Recollections peals at 50% off and some more jetmax cubes which I got at I believe 80% off. I then headed to Joann's and bought some great sewing cutting scissors which I got at 50% off which were originally $46.99 Love them and had been eyeing them for sometime!!!! i did manage to get 3 cartridges online for $20.00 each after all that waiting in line from 4am can you believe it LOL!!!!

  7. i went but was disappointed they didnt have playtime i got twinkle toes then in morn went to joanns took my 50 percent coupon i wanted the big pack of 320 scapbook paper said i couldnt use coupon only on non sale items the whole store had sale so i got some other packof paper the went to hobby lobby had great sale

  8. glad you got some stuff girl!!! I got some things too !!! stickles LOL

  9. Congrats on your BF deals :) I hit up our WalMart at about 10 am and got the 3 cartridges I wanted. I'm still tempted to go get a new Expression just so I can get the Playtime cartridge that I want! Is it sad that I would sell the machine and keep the cartridge?

    BTW, you *may* want to check my blog because I came over to check yours because you left a comment on my post during the Cricut Imagine Blog Hop....

  10. hoe to see some of your pojects with twinkle cart

  11. I like the twinkle toes cart. I should have gotten that one. I got the holly jolly I think it is. Have a great sunday!