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Thursday, July 8, 2010

American Girl crafts :)

Growing up I was so obsessed with my American Girl doll that I could not wait to have a little girl to share my love of AG with. When I first found out I was pregnant with my baby girl at 8 weeks I loaded up my boys (and my dad who always likes to help me out! lol) and while my DH was at work, headed off to the American Girl store. I just *knew* this one was going to be a girl, even choosing to name her Julie, in part, because there was an American Girl doll with that name. (That is not the ONLY reason but a big one!) Call me crazy, or silly but that is my story about her name LOL. When we found out she was definitely a girl (after having been told it was a boy) I cried and could not wait until she was big enough to start scrapbooking and "Crafting" with me.

I went into Michael's a few weeks ago and noticed that they have an American Girl crafts section and I think I was more excited that anyone to find it! I immediately started stocking up on their sale items and have come up with this loot so far. Nothing huge for the time being but yes, this is all stuff I am saving for my little girl so she can have her own supplies. (And wont go digging into mommy's.) My husband thought it was so cute and I can't wait until she's big enough for me to give them to her! :))

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