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Sunday, April 18, 2010


The DR warned me that my tonsils were going to hurt like hell when this weekend fell upon us. I didnt believe her. No way. There is no way you can go through surgery, feel great right after and then BOOM, be surprised by an onset of pain. But I was WRONG. Not only did I wake up on Saturday morning feeling like a thousand knives were penetrating my skin, I made the mistake of opening my mouth and seeing what was left of my old, ugly tonsils. And I was disgusted to see that it is now all covered in white substance. And cottage cheesy looking. Thought that was the worst of it and felt like a big girl since I dealt with the pain but OMG. That ENT sure wasnt lying when she said I would notice a disgusting taste in the back of my mouth. GROSS. So because I obviously dont want to swallow because of the pain, I unconciously start swallowing every other second and now i'm stuck with a taste that what can only be described as SHIT. I'd take a picture but even that is too gruesome.

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