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Thursday, August 2, 2012

Glitter Iphone Case

Hi everyone :) If there is one thing that I absolutely LOVE (besides God, my family and my die cut machines) it's DEFINITELY my iPhone! (And I KNOW that a lot of you will probably agree!). I am always on the quest for the perfect iphone case and so imagine how excited I was the other day when I came across a pin on Pinterest on how to make a glitter iphone case! The cool thing about this technique is that you probably already have the supplies in your craft closet :)

-Iphone Case
-Modge Podge

It's SUPER easy to make, all you have to do is take modge podge and put one coat over your case and dump glitter on top. Let it dry for about 15-30 minutes then you will layer another coat of modge podge and add more glitter. Do this until you are happy with your results. 

Once it's ready and dry all I did was add "Modge Podge spray sealer" over it and let it dry for about an hour and I was done! The previous technique called for nail polish and i'll be honest, it did not work very well for me so I spent a whole $4 on sealer and sprayed it instead. Still a LOT cheaper than the $25 case at Walmart that looks just like this and the best part is that you can use ANY color glitter you want! I used Martha Stewart's glitter which is fine and just held up great :) And with the sealer, you don't have to worry about the glitter coming off :)


  1. I was just going to do this...lol now I can't wait. Yours looks fabulous!!

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