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Saturday, December 4, 2010

Vinyl-first time! :)

As some of you know, we've all been pretty ill in my house this past week, so my mother in law kindly offered to watch our baby for us so we could get some rest :) Of course, rest for me and my hubby equals out to PS3 and Cricut time and I have been dying to put some vinyl up on my walls so I thought tonight would be perfect to put my favorite bible verse up! :) Came out great if I do say so myself AND it was my first time too! My Cricut Circle sister Michelle at Scrappin With My Bug has an awesome Vinyl tutorial and she sent me some to try! I think i'm hooked! LOL

The pressure was set at low (2), speed at high and for me, I put my blade on 4 :) The words are cut out at 3" with Lyrical Letters :)


  1. I love it - I am still so scared of using the vinyl - why oh why?!?! That quote is priceless and I love how you have it with your family pictures.


  2. Love it girlie! As soon as we have our own house, I'm putting scriptures up. I usually put them in a picture frame but I would love to have them on the wall in vinyl. TFS.


  3. Alma you sound like me & my husband!! He has his toy and i have mine!! Lol
    Great job on the vinyl! Looks great & i love the font! What did you use??
    Super super cute!!

  4. I love your vinyl quote. It looks great. I just bought my first vinyl so will have to check out the blog you said had instructions. I am a new follower but will come back to see what else you do with vinyl

  5. wow! that looks great!! New follower :D

  6. wonderful job....I have yet to dive in and try....you make it look so easy and it's sooo pretty!

  7. Love it. I just ordered some vinyl and got it in the mail and I am looking forward to doing some projects!

  8. Very cute, you seem like a vinyl pro, Great job!

  9. Think my my mother in law paid $80 for a quote not nearly as cute! she didnt know I could do it..... silly huh? you just saved bank girl LOL !!!
    thanks for the shout out, glad you like it

  10. This is so pretty! I love that quote. Good job :)

  11. It's wonderful!!! Marvelous scripture.

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  13. I love it!! I love working with vinyl..haven't done my walls yet but that is on my 2011 to do list. Thanks for sharing

  14. I love it. I wanted to do my kitchen but was scared, so thanks.

  15. Hey Alma, you won my blog candy last week but still haven't e-mailed me with your mailing address. Please e-mail me by Tuesday Dec. 7th or I will have to redraw the winner....

  16. This looks beautiful...as is the verse. Did you use transfer tape? That's the part that scares me. Was it easy?

    ~Sharon C.