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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Baby Shower invites- Cricut Imagine

Hey guys! So remember how I might have mentioned before that I was going to sell my Cricut Imagine? I got caught up in the Cameo frenzy and the whole print and cut feature with them that I actually put my poor Imagine on Craigslist last month for a whopping 3 days. Well, after I kept getting offers and my heart would break with each thought of my "baby" going to someone else, I pulled it off and I was blessed enough that I was able to keep it and not feel guilty :) But today I am SO glad I didn't get rid of it because I used it to help make my sister in law's baby shower invitations! Seriously, I love my Cameo (and one of my first videos will be on the print and cut which I absolutely LOVE the Cameo for) but the Imagine is still so useful to me that it's a shame that people don't think they can co-incide :)

I'm not much of a card maker, actually I think it's one of my weaknesses so I was originally going to just print out invites and go on my merry way. But after a couple of glasses of wine (or as my friend Cristina says, more like BIG GULPS of wine!) I decided to just go ahead and make them myself.


 **Don't mind the mess**

  I decided to get organized and start my baby shower invites now so that I can get them out in the mail in 2 weeks (i'm following etiquette!) because I am QUEEN of procrastination. These are the "criss cross" card style and they are super easy to make. I found the tutorial Here!. Each card is made from ONE 8 1/2 x 11 sheet of cardstock so very inexpensive :) I also used the TC Baby Boutique cartridge (it's AMAZING how easily I forget what I have. Actually, when I was wracking my brain trying to come up with a design it was HUBBY who let me know about this cartridge after he saw it on my shelf. He's got a MUCH better memory that me! lol) The background and the little scallop with the saying all come from the cart.
And to make the actual invite, I just printed out on my computer the information and cut it down to sign and glued some gems to the top. I didn't want to make it overly embellished seeing how I have about 20 more to make :) You can tell that I am now in desperate need of a paper trimmer and of course, my Your Story trimmer is no where to be found. ;) Looks like I have a trip to Hobby Lobby in my future. DARN! :)

Happy Hump Day! :)


  1. Alma I think your invites are beautiful. I really want the TC Baby cartridge, but I'm on a spending ban right now. It's definitely on my list after seeing your baby shower invites. Love the colors and the style card you used.

  2. Hi Alma, this is PinkE

    I love your criss cross cards! They are just darling!

    ps.s Hobby Lobby trips are the best!


  3. These invites came out awesome. You did a great job with them. I love them!!!


  4. Nice invitations. I thought of getting rid of my Imagine for about a second when I got my silhouette and decided no way... I think if I parted with anything it would be my expression but it is so old (got in 2007) and its what I transport to crops and church. So I will covet all three of my babies and enjoy them each in their own special way :-)

  5. LOL..I hear ya! I got a cameo and started playing and playing and the Imagine started collecting dust and I felt so guilty of ignoring the poor thing that I won a new outfit (cartridge) on ebay and now were friends again!! YES, we can ALL learn to create together!!!
    Beautiful card by the way!!TFS

  6. Darling invites, they turned out beautiful. Glad you decided to keep it. I really love my Imagine, although I have to admit I haven't used it as much as I should have until recently. It's just in a different class....it's so amazing for quick projects and those that you want a little help with the creative process and choices. I love the print feature, it gives it that little something extra don't you think? (especially on vinyl)
    Love your blog and projects. Crafting and wine, what a great combo if I do say so myself.

  7. Love these!!! I really want a cameo but my expression and I will be BFFs for a while longer. What font did you use on the invites? I really like it.