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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Recipe book!

Welcome back Imagine! Fed Ex (love those guys!) delivered my replacement this morning! :) My poor 7th child (I've got my 3 biological ones then it's my machines ;) anyways, my Imagine had to be replaced because when I went to do an update, it completely wiped the hardware off! :( So needless to say, my machine at the moment is not pink but the hubby will be taking care of that when he gets home tonight! ;)

So since I have been on this sewing kick for the past week, I decided to put it up for a bit to play with my I and I didn't realize how much I had missed it! The Imagine has always been my 2nd favorite machine (with the Expression still being number 1) but I don't use it as often as I should but now that's gonna change!

So for my project today I decided to use my Your Story 4x6 binder, Your Story Photo and of course my Imagine to make a quick and simple recipe book. I LOVE recipe books (this is my 2nd one I've made) but the last one was for baking. I figured I would dust off my Kate's Kitchen Imagine Art cartridge (i've never used it!) and figure something out. I LOVE it! The art cartridge comes with a bonus "Recipe card" feature so all I had to do was size it to 4" and print and cut the recipe card! Then I inserted my From My Kitchen cartridge and cut out the index cards to seperate the different categories and flood filled it with the same pattern from Kate's Kitchen. Tied a bit of twine around the book cover and added some left over pattern and a picture of a mixing bowl and that was it! Cute riiiight? I forgot to mention that I bound it with my small Your Story. All of the stores around my area have been clearancing out all the Your Story binders so i'm HOPING that I can find some more 4x6 cause I love them! :)

**Oh and now i'm going to give my mother in law my recipe book and hope she fills it up with recipes for me!**

Have a great day!!

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  1. Very cute!