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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Weight loss and Changes!

Hey guys! Well, it's a New Year and with a New Year always come changes (atleast for me!). So I wanted to kinda write about some of the changes occuring in my life here and also for my blog :) As many of you know, I am a full time mom AND a full time online college student and these last few months have been pretty trying personally. While most of the "personal" stuff is finally being put behind us and we are moving on, I have noticed that my school work has been lagging and my attention is not where it should be so while I STILL plan on updating this blog as frequently as I can, it wont be my #1 priority :). So I'm sorry if I go days without posting but I care too much about finishing my education and obviously, raising my children and sometimes you just can't do it all! :)

Oh ANOTHER note (well, kinda!) you will see that I will go back to posting quite frequently about my road to weight loss! If you have been a follower of mine for a while, you know that last year I lost 70 pounds after giving birth to my beautiful daughter. Well, I managed to put on 5 pounds during the holidays and I still have about 25 pounds to go so I will keep you all updated on my progress :) My goal is to put up a pic of me in a two piece in time for our summer vacation back home to Southern California in June! WISH ME LUCK!! hahaha :) I am no dietician or expert, all I know is what works for me so any time you have questions or what not, let me know! I will put my weight loss tracker back up, but instead of last year's progress, I will update it with my starting weight now :)

And on THAT note, I am now off to my treadmill and get my workout in! If you have a FB page, please like my "official" blog page to the right and I will update that as well :) HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY!!


  1. Good luck with the school work... Two years I took two back to back graduate classes in addition to working full-time and my crafting had to take a back seat for a time.. Everything needs balance.

  2. good luck girl, thats my goal is about 25-30 by June.....because I may be going to TEXAS !!!!heheheh scrappinwithmybug.com

  3. Congrats, Thanks for sharing this post. Have great year and a new you. Cheers, Keep it up.

  4. I am new follower but really appreciated your blog. I am a wife and work fulltime and am trying to get my business off the ground and sometimes its so true you just cant do it all even though we would like to. Thanks for sharing!
    Kristin Scent

  5. I am also new follower and love your work. I like to invited to my blog for a custom apron give away made by me. Enter @ lenascraftsblogspot.com