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Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New Year Resolutions!

Wow, it's been a month since I last posted! Sorry- we've just had a crazy past few weeks with the holidays, moving to a bigger house, my husband trying to find another job, a few health tests (luckily everything came back normal!) and a princess turning 2 it's just been sooooo insanely busy! Today I want to write about New Years Resolutions and give you a bit of mine :) I have actually always done pretty good with keeping them but this time I'm going to use my blog to once again, update it with my progress so if I don't always post about "crafty" stuff, sorry! :D

After I had my daughter in January of 2010 I decided to go on a diet and of course, lost the 75+ pounds I had gained. By January of '11 I had lost 70 of those pounds and life was great, then my husband lost his job and I just couldn't fit off the stress and the weight started creeping back up. This entire past year I have been fighting this battle, everyday saying "today is the day" and then falling off the wagon time and time again. Well now that we are in the new year and I have managed to gain back 30 pounds, I have restarted counting my WW points and rejoined a gym so wish me luck! I hope to be able to celebrate my birthday in my size 6 dress that I last wore 3 years ago! :) I have downloaded Fitness Pal on my iphone and iTrackBites so i'm hoping that will help with my calories :) I plan on updating my blog weekly with progress notes along the way.

Resolution #2- LEARN HOW TO COOK! We've been blessed with being able to move into a much bigger house and with that comes more kitchen space! For the time being, we have to really cut back so I really want to learn how to cook to be able to save money,etc. I have been Pinning different ideas on Pinterest that i can't wait to try out! :)

I hope you all had a great Holiday and are getting back to regular life! :)


Current Weight- 175
Goal Weight- 125
2lb weight loss a week


  1. You GO girl! I've been there - that baby weight is killer. WW is a great program (I lost 30lbs using their online program) - and they have fabulous, easy recipes on their website. Keep us posted - I'm rooting for you! :)


  2. We miss u on You-Tube!

  3. I have been a subscriber to your posts for a while and wanted to send you some bloggie love and encouragement. I totally understand where you are coming from. I'm the one who has been unemployed for 6 months and unable to find a new job and my weight has just crept up on that scale. I follow you on Pinterest and you have selected some really good recipes (I have actually tried a few of them!). Cooking is easy and as you become more confident, you will start throwing in your own cooking touches. It's just like crafting! I know you will do very well with both of your resolutions. I'm cheering for you down here in Austin!