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Thursday, March 1, 2012

Silhouette Cameo-Print and Cut

Sarah over at pinkcricut.com made an awesome tutorial the other day on how to print the edge of a JPEG or any picture from the internet using your Cameo and of course, I was so eager to try it out! I'm gonna be honest, I hadn't really touched many of crafting supplies (including my Cricuts) since we've moved and I was *this* close to selling my Cameo but after today...NEVER! :) LOL wow! This machine has me completely sold and actually *ahem*, double thinking my Cricut Imagine! ;) LOL. <---FYI, I could never get rid of my Imagine though! ;)

So tonight I decided I wanted to try to cut out some Disney Princesses and see if this truly did work. For all of you who own Cricuts and the Disney carts you KNOW what a pain in the rear it is to assemble the characters. And if you were like me, you bought the Imagine for the sole purpose to being able to print and cut around the character. While we are able to do that with the CCR (Cricut Craft Room), there are just WAY too many steps, and it's not always a for sure thing you will get it to work. So I did all the steps she gave during her video and OMG- it WORKED!! I quickly went to show DH who immediately thought of what a great way to be able to make some borders for Julianne's bedroom. :)

Of course I couldn't leave the boys out and so I found this Lego Batman picture (Jacob is OBSESSED with Lego Superheroes right now) and after cutting him out, I decided i'm going to make him into a little card for Jake when he finally earns that Lego Batcave he keeps asking for!

Aren't these so neat? I'm so obsessed with printing and cutting. I think now that all of my niece's and nephew's birthday cards will now have some kind of character on it! LOL :)


  1. Awesome! I need to go find that tutorial! My silhouette should be arriving next week!!!

  2. I love this feature of the Cameo, it's like an Imagine, only BETTER. I'll be ordering a Cameo, but sorta waiting to see what Cameo bundles are coming out in April. I love a deal!